It’s fitting really- and not at all surprising. Their love of wild spectacle, twinkling lights and all things magic…   

Jennifer learned that Fern had a rich and varied background in catering, restaurant
design & management, teaching cooking classes and running a gourmet food
importing company. In other words - FOOD. Fern knows a lot about food. She is
also extremely organized, a meticulous researcher, and ready to jump into action
at any given time. Fern learned that Jennifer could pull spectacle out of her
back pocket for thousands of people for pennies a day. Jennifer’s background in
theater led her to be an events producer & designer, wedding planner and an
art director. Creative problem solving is her middle name (albeit a very long
middle name).  

Between the two of them they have a combined experience of over fifty years. They have worked in both the business and non-profit sectors. They know how to make your corporate affair noteworthy and memorable. They know how to organize your
silent/live auctions and inspire your donors to help you meet your fundraising
goals. They know how to keep every vendor organized and on-task at your wedding
while keeping an eye on your (slightly) batty Aunt Betty. 

No one woman can be all things to every client - but two definitely can! If they
were a celebrity couple they would be ‘Fernifer’ or ‘Jennifern’. But they are not-
Instead they are two friends who have come together to create Bon Events - a Chicagoland event planning, design and management company that helps create memorable and meaningful custom experiences.  

Bon Events


Jennifer and fern met at the circus...